We believe the health of an organization is determined by the health and mindset of its employees. Energy and emotions are contagious. The overall energy that a group carries can contribute to improved personal health, reduced risk of injuries and improved productivity. Conflict arises when our personal needs are not being met. Through my experience and research on injuries and health decline, I have identified patterns in behavior that lead to health decline and contribute to personal conflict. My programs help participants understand their own pattern to prevent a health-related decline or injury, while improving their attitude and reducing conflict.

According to Simon Sinek, ‘there are 2 ways to influence human behavior; you can manipulate it, or you can inspire it’. The foundation of our company it built on inspiring behavioral changes

Our goal is to inspire others to address their health so they can live the life that they desire. I am dedicated to educating industrial athletes on how their occupation can be an asset to their health and to provide easy to implement strategies to improve energy levels and performance, while preventing chronic disease, and reducing the risk of an injury.

Attendees will leave feeling inspired that their occupation can benefit their health and with easy to implement strategies to immediately address the foundation of health.

Industries Served

Arborist // Power Utility // Oil and Gas //  Construction  // Municipalities  // DOT


Vitality Health and Wellness

Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

Safety, Health and Leadership: Starting a movement within an organization

Services offered

Private, company specific programs

Guest Speaker at conferences, mostly meetings

One on One Consulting (individuals and companies)